Transport Infrastructure

The 8 Construction Pty Ltd is an established provider of transport infrastructure with a wide range of experience in engineering design, planning, construction projects for both developing and developed economies. Our transport infrastructure encompasses the whole project which includes planning, advisory, design, constructions and maintenance. We strive to provide safe, sustainable and efficient transport infrastructure at cost effective prices. We work as a team to develop and deliver the right solutions. To provide secure and reliable transport infrastructure, we strive to achieve greater accuracy, efficiency and better solutions.

The 8 Construction Pty Ltd has a long history of delivering roadconstruction and maintenance projects for both private and publicsector clients, particularly in remote locations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Road construction, reconstruction and alignment
  • Pavement stabilisation
  • Culverts and drainage structures
  • Relocation of services
  • Location of pavement materials
  • Landscaping
  • Supporting infrastructure
  • Traffic management
  • Associated works such as electrical, linemarking, kerbing, brick paving and signage

Our aim is to find the most sustainable, functional and economical solution for any transport infrastructure. We have enough skills and knowledge to achieve our aim.

For further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us on +61 438 205 208.